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ChemoSophia is a company specializing in software development and its online application for cheminformatics, bioinformatics, computational toxicology researches as well as physicochemical properties calculation. Our main customers are pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical companies, as well as academic research groups and environmental agencies integrating computations in their services and products as well as in environmental protection.

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Our Services

We perform a lot of services for our clients. Describe your problem in email, we will contact with you ASAP. You can order a necessary service below:

Order DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS for patients suffering from various diseases.

Order OPTIMIZATION of synthesis pathways, reaction conditions, reagents, etc. to achieve necessary product or its desired yield.

Order OPTIMIZATION of mixture components, their concentrations to achieve desired property of the mixture.

Order high quality VIRTUAL DESIGN of new materials, drugs, cosmetic components, etc.

Order a physicochemical property PROGNOSIS for client's database of chemicals.

If you are not an expert and can not perform correct computations at our web page, you can ORDER COMPUTATIONS for your structures using our Online Available Software.

We have a lot of unique methods for high quality prognosis of client desired properties of chemicals, nutrients, cosmetic and food components, materials, mixtures of compounds, etc.
We start prognosis from creation of predictive model using client's experimental data or experimental data taken from other sources. After the model has been created we start prognosis of the property for chemical structures of the client's database. So, what we need is 1) good experimental data and 2) database of chemical structures whose property should be predicted.

Experimental data can be different. It can be:
1) a set of chemical structures with measured quantitative value of the client desired property. In this case we predict quantitative value of the property for each compound from client's database or any other database(s).
2) a set of chemical structures some of them exhibiting the property, other - not exhibiting the property. In this case we predict whether each compound from the client's database exhibits the property or not (Yes or No).

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